Newborn Checklist

All of the essentials you will need to welcome a new baby, without the extras!

Newborn Checklist

To help with the overwhelming task of figuring out what you need when baby comes home, TPC has put together a list of everything you should stock to feel prepared.

Baby Clothing:

5-6 short sleeved vests
5-6 long sleeved vests
10 long sleeved onesies (Snaps only-nothing with buttons! You will thank us later…)
5 socks
2 blankets
5-6 muslins
2 swaddle blankets (these can be used for almost anything: burping cloths, sun shields, breastfeeding privacy, as well as swaddles). You can also buy Velcro swaddles


Diapers: 1 packet in size newborn and 1 packet in size 1 (cloth diapering services are also an option)
Diaper rash cream
Baby wipes or water wipes

Cotton wool

Changing mat with a wipeable surface for easy cleanup. We recommend having one for the baby’s bedroom and another for downstairs.


If breastfeeding:

Nipple cream
Nipple shield
Nipple pads
Nursing pillow
Breast pump (if pumping is part of the plan)
Nursing bras
Nursing tops

If bottle-feeding:

Several bottles (try buying a few different types in case baby has a preference)
Bottle soap
Bottle sponge
Bottle sterilizer
Formula dispenser (these portion out the right amount of formula for a feed. Great for on the go!)


Baby bath
Water thermometer
Gentle sponge and baby soap
1-2 baby towels, with hood
Nail clippers


Moses basket and sheets
Crib and sheets
Waterproof sheets for any leaks
Baby monitor
Rocking chair, with stool (optional)
Pacifiers (optional)


Out & About:

Car seat
Baby-wearing device (slings, babybjorn, etc). Confirm that your choice is appropriate for newborns


Activity mat
Bouncer chair or swing