How To Pack A Hospital Bag

The Basics:

Printed birth plan
Insurance card
Toiletries for you and your partner such as toothbrush, toothpaste and face wash
Phone charger
Hair ties
Loose clothing to wear home
Nursing Bra/Tops for easy breastfeeding


Flameless Candles Soft, relaxing lighting will help you feel calm

Essential Oils or Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser Drops of lavender to promote calm and tranquility, jasmine to trigger contractions and peppermint to ease nausea.

Delivery outfit or wear the provided “gown”

A pillow from home (Not a white pillow case)

Lip Balm Your mouth tends to get really dry during labor

Skin Nourishing Oil or Lotion Have your partner massage your lower back, shoulder or hands/feet.

Footwear Grippy socks or slippers for walking the halls

Cold pack/Heating Pad Hospitals may provide these

Music or Speakers for your phone Can help you relax or energize

Bathing Suit for Dad if he wants to get in tub/shower to support mom

For Baby:

Car seat

Two outfits: one in newborn size and one in 0-3.

Natural baby products: if you choose to bathe your baby at the hospital.

Hat and Blanket for first ride home depending on season.