Coaching for Moms

You Deserve to be Happy. From Just Barely Surviving, to Thriving.

Coaching Services For Moms & Mom Entrepreneurs

Moving Forward

I help moms who feel stuck…

And long for a new way of life that brings them joy and purpose, independent of their families.

Motherhood can be all-consuming when we devote our whole selves to everything and everyone else and feel guilty about investing in our own happiness. 

You may even feel like you’ve lost connection with yourself outside of being a wife and mother. 

Maybe you’re so depleted that you don’t have the energy to seek out what brings you joy. 

You need someone who can guide you back to yourself, someone to hold up the mirror for you so you can remember who you are outside of motherhood.


How would it feel to be the mom focused on her life instead of her to-do-list?

I can offer you the tools to create lasting change by:

Getting clear on your priorities

Helping you set boundaries

Communicating your needs and asking for help

Keeping you accountable to your goals so you can work your way toward balance

Business Support

Starting, scaling & balancing your start up with your already busy life

I know how much work goes into starting and growing a business while you are also trying to keep up with endless motherhood duties. But I also know how empowering and energizing it can be when you decide to follow your passion and build a business you believe in.

Sometimes all you need is someone to help you set priorities, work through the tangle of ‘to dos’ and be your cheerleader!

If you are looking for a qualified, trusted expert to help start, grow or scale your business, I would love to help! I have been in exactly the same position and I know that as much as you are committed to a successful business, it needs to fit in with the very real constraints of the life stage you are in.

You want to be successful in business without sacrificing time with family or your sanity in the process!

I will help you:

Create Constructive Space

Coaching is not about adding more to your already full plate.

It’s about evaluating what you’re already doing, experimenting with ways to simplify your life, and shifting the way you think about it all so you can create more time and find the joy in your life.

Find Clarity

Work through your tangle of responsibilities to find clarity, set boundaries, and assert your needs.

Trust your intuition more fully so that the energy you put into decision making does not deplete you.


Reconnect with the things you love and find manageable ways to incorporate them into your daily life.

Identify what makes you feel good about yourself and brings you joy– so you can reconnect with your purpose.

Notice when you are feeling triggered and take control of your feelings.

Prioritize What is Important

Prioritize time for you in your busy schedule so that when you are with your kids you can be fully present.

Prioritize your health in a way that sets a good example for your children.

Communicate with Purpose & Positive Impact

Communicate effectively with your partner to help establish more balance at home.

Notice when you are feeling triggered and take control of your feelings.

About Me

Jessica Hill

I am an entrepreneur and mother of two who has dedicated her career to supporting mothers, particularly during pregnancy and postpartum. Inspired by my own journey into motherhood, I started The Parent Collective, which seeks to equip new parents with the education and support they need to thrive during the early years of parenthood. As a coach, I help reconnect moms to their purpose, by helping to integrate pieces of themselves they may have lost along the way and guiding them toward a more joyful and easeful way forward.

Client Testimonials

“Before working with Jessica, I had been feeling disconnected and angry with my family a lot.  I just felt like I was on a hamster wheel, doing everything for everyone else with no real time for me.  I felt massive amounts of guilt about wanting space from the suffocating neediness of my kids and I realized I was just in survival mode each day.  Working with Jessica has helped me carve out space for me to reconnect with my interests as well as develop strategies for sharing the load of parenting with my husband.  I am incredibly grateful.”



“Working with Jessica as a coach was critical to help me turn the ideas that were churning in my head into a working reality. As a coach, she helped me become ‘unstuck’ and stay focused on the work I needed to do every week to be successful. Jessica made it fun and her coaching support kept me accountable to my goals-I recommend her highly!”


Founder , Start-up