Coaching for Moms

You Deserve to be Happy. From Just Barely Surviving, to Thriving.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You love your kids with every fiber of your being but also wish they didn’t need you quite so much. Or, your kids are older and more independent and you realize you lost yourself in raising them.

You want some time to pour into yourself without feeling guilty.

You have so much to be grateful for, but instead of enjoying what you have, you feel tired, stressed, and overwhelmed from trying to keep up with it all.

You want to reconnect with yourself and wish you could integrate aspects of the “old” you into your current life.

Moving Forward

I help moms who feel stuck…

And long for a new way of life that brings them joy and purpose, independent of their families.

Motherhood can be all-consuming when we devote our whole selves to everything and everyone else and feel guilty about investing in our own happiness.

You may even feel like you’ve lost connection with yourself outside of being a wife and mother.

Maybe you’re so depleted that you don’t have the energy to seek out what brings you joy.

You need someone who can guide you back to yourself, someone to hold up the mirror for you so you can remember who you are outside of motherhood.


How would it feel to be the mom focused on her life instead of her to-do-list?

I can offer you the tools to create lasting change by:

Getting clear on your priorities

Helping you set boundaries

Communicating your needs and asking for help

Keeping you accountable to your goals so you can work your way toward balance

About Me

Jessica Hill

I am an entrepreneur and mother of two who has dedicated her career to supporting mothers, particularly during pregnancy and postpartum. Inspired by my own journey into motherhood, I started The Parent Collective, which seeks to equip new parents with the education and support they need to thrive during the early years of parenthood. As a certified life coach, I help reconnect moms to their purpose, by helping to integrate pieces of themselves they may have lost along the way and guiding them toward a more joyful and easeful way forward.

Client Testimonials

“I had a wonderful experience in my time with Jessica. She is a very gifted coach. After our first session, where I felt like I had just rambled non sequitur for an hour or more, she sent me an email and I was blown away about how she was able to really hear what I was saying and distill that information then present it to me with clarity I don’t think I would have seen on my own. And being heard that clearly and understood was really a valuable and validating experience.  Our sessions after that consisted of more time getting to specific goals and ways to work around blocks to those goals. She really challenged ideas I had about how I felt things had to be done and was able to show me options that might be more successful. I don’t think I realized how inside of my own box I had been approaching things and her perspective helped me see that and make changes. The entire time she was really working with me and finding personalized ways to support me. I appreciate that it was an experience that felt very curated for my needs. I have left our sessions feeling a renewed sense of being in charge of my challenges. I am truly grateful for that.” 



I went into my coaching sessions with Jessica so overwhelmed that I didn’t even know where to begin. She started off by asking me questions that helped me prioritize my needs so that we could spend time focusing on one thing at a time. Finding ways to take breaks to calm my own mind and body so I can be a happier parent was so good for me, and allowed me to start putting her suggestions into practice immediately. We also looked at everything on my plate, why I was feeling so overwhelmed as a working mom, and started working through tools to help simplify my life so that everything is still getting done, but I’m less stressed and have more time to be present. With baby #2 on the way, I’m excited to reach out again once we’ve started getting into a new routine as a family of 4 to continue working on ways to make sure I’m taking care of myself so I can be the version of me that I want to be for my family. Thanks Jessica!!


Working Mom

“Working with Jessica as a coach was critical to help me turn the ideas that were churning in my head into a working reality. As a coach, she helped me become ‘unstuck’ and stay focused on the work I needed to do every week to be successful. Jessica made it fun and her coaching support kept me accountable to my goals-I recommend her highly!”


Founder , Start-up