Parenting Classes

The Parent Collective is excited to offer support and education for new parents through our postpartum group for new parents and parenting workshop series.  Come join us on Zoom for support, education and friendship!  

Zoom New Moms Series


If we are looking at life transitions, having a baby is probably the most world-rocking one, both physically and emotionally. It dramatically impacts your relationships, your identity, and how you feel physically.

Join us for our new mother group, facilitated by Certified Life Coach and Founder of The Parent Collective Jessica Hill, designed to help you:

    • process all of these changes
    • stay connected to the woman you were before
    • resist the draw toward perfection and as a result burnout
    • navigate the steep learning curve of parenting
    • share your stories to realize you aren’t alone in your fears, frustrations, insecurities and joys
    • take away systems & tips for a more easeful existence
    • and connect with other moms who are going through everything alongside you. Finding mom friends can be hard! Groups like this make it a bit easier.

Booked in packages of 4.  Each participant will receive one 60 minute 1:1 coaching session.


Zoom New Working Moms Series

If you recently gave birth and plan to return to work or you have recently returned to work after having a baby, join us for our new moms group devoted specifically to working moms.  

Working moms need a special kind of support.  Support as you navigate the juggle of work & home.  Validation that it can be a tough transition.  And strategies designed to help you simplify or rebalance your new normal.  So grab lunch and join us in this casual supportive space to share, vent, learn and connect with each other.  

Booked in packages of 4.  Each participant will receive one 60 minute 1:1 coaching session.


Parenting Workshops 

We will host Parenting Workshops as and when with experts in their field to explain & give tactical solutions for some of the burning questions we get over and over again from our community. Some topics are best explored before your baby arrives and some are great activities you can do together!