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We are here for you. We provide information, foster open discussion and establish connections among expectant couples living in close proximity.
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Why Choose The Parent Collective Over A Hospital Class?

We provide three important elements that you will not get in a hospital class

A small, relaxed setting and interactive curriculum designed to foster openness and connection.

A support network of couples (birth partners welcome) in your course who are all due at the same time and live local to you.

A discussion-based curriculum which allows for ample Q&A, led by the concerns of our participants.

Don’t take our word for it! See what our participants have to say.

“We attended The Parent Collective in TriBeCa. The classes, led by Courtney, were excellent and covered just the right amount of information to leave us feeling prepared as first time parents, but not so much that it was overwhelming. It was great to meet other local parents in the same group each week. We highly recommend TPC.”

Alice Gibb, Google Reviewer 5 ⭐️

Coaching For Moms

Hi it’s me, Jess, the founder of The Parent Collective. I’m so excited to announce that The Parent Collective is now offering even more support for families, in the form of coaching. 

There’s no question that mothers need support, someone in their corner celebrating their victories and guiding them through the tough stuff. Someone to hold up the mirror for them to help them see the woman who’s still in there, even if she got a little lost in the transition to motherhood, and help her find her way out.

I am so excited to be working with moms in our community, to give you the tools to create lasting change, help you reconnect with what brings you joy, keep you accountable to your goals, and most importantly support you every step of the way. Want to learn more about what you could gain from coaching?

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